Let’s build R2-D2 !

I’ve been making things since quite some time : models of boats, planes, figurines, electronic circuits, robots …

In May 2016, I just finished this boat, all wood, with sails and rigging:


So, I’m looking for a new project, and if I try to sum up the things I’ve learnt so far :

  • Build a kit, with a plan
  • Drawing a plan, by hand or with a computer
  • Designing electronic circuits, using a soldering iron
  • Using an airbrush, weathering techniques
  • Working with wood, metal, composite materials
  • Working with a 3D printer
  • … non-exhaustive list 🙂

What could I do that uses all this knowledge? I found the answer in Make Magazine (makezine.com), in an article showing the construction of an R2-D2 life-size !
After being a little hesitant to get into such a big project, I finally decided to start  after looking at the reference forum, astromech.net and reading some construction logs showing very different techniques to achieve the result.

An important point is that there is no official method of construction, or ready-made kit: everyone has to to get by with the plans published by astromech.net!

I decided to build a R2 life-size,  with animated elements (hatches, periscopes …), lighting effects, sound effects … The dome is made of metal and rest of the body will be made of metal , with plastic cover. Small items will be made with the 3D printer.

I will try to describe in this blog the progress of the construction of my R2-D2, and also publish the files (3D objects, diagrams, software …) that I design for the occasion.

At the time of this writing I already have a head that is well advanced, you can follow the progress on my twitter account.